Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Works of Art: Hand-painted purses

Jinse has over 20 years of experience painting. This includes murals, potraits, landscapes, and even clothes. We make it our aim to take ordinary items and turn them into works of art. Here we have taken some plain purses and transformed them into something beautiful and unique. All the purses we design are hand-painted and customized by Jinse; they are the only of of it's kind. Stray away from all the generic purses you see in the franchise clothing stores and treat yourself to a bag that is yours and yours alone.

All these purses will be up online for sale on our Etsy store, here, as soon as Jinse returns on Aug 27th. You can also go in-store to purchase this purse when the store re-opens on Aug 20th. These purses range in prices and can be further customized at your request.

My favorite is the faux snakeskin patent tote. I love the neutral color, spacious size, and elegant design on the front.

Tell us which one is your favorite and you can get 10% off by tweeting us @JinseBoutique

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