Friday, July 26, 2013

Me-ow! Cat Tapestry Accessories

A few years ago the LA based shoe designer Jeffrey Campbell came out with a line of shoes made from cat tapestry. Since then, tapestry-made and cat-themed accessories have been popping up everywhere. Not to say that JC is the one who started the cat lady trend, but they sure weren't afraid to let their freak flag fly.

I personally fell in love with the Lita cat tapestry shoes shown above, but they also made this tapestry in a multitude of styles:

I myself was never able to afford any of these delightful pairs of shoes, but came across a small vendor in the markets of Camden in London, England that sold all sorts of purses and bags made out of, you guessed it, cat tapestry! I was so happy as I bought my messenger bag that was made out of the completely identical material. 

A year later I'm kicking myself over not buying more bags. It is my go-to purse that is always a great conversation piece. Then a miracle hits and voila! Whilst shopping the temporary wholesale market in Atlanta, Georgia we come across a wholesaler of the same. exact. bags. 

Here's to announcing a new line of merchandise carried by Jinse Home Decor & Boutique!

Customized totes bags will soon go up on Etsy, or stop by our store to purchase these bags in person!

(psst if you're not a cat person, stay tuned for news of our other tapestry items)

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