Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Jewelry with Meaning

There are tons of different charms that are put onto jewelry, sometimes they are just for fun and sometimes they actually represent a value you hold for yourself. Even though Christianity has been the largest practiced religion in the United States since it's birth, it seems that crosses are just now coming back into style.

At Jinse's Boutique we have a wide variety of fashionable jewelry that feature crosses. Bracelets, necklaces, and wrist cuffs are just some of the accessories that we sell. 

Metal Cross with Angel wings and colorful details, comes in a set with Earrings: $6.99

All available bracelets for $4.99 each

Custom Leather Strap Metal Cross bracelet: $9.99 each

Metal Cross with Crown & Angel Wings: $5.99

Custom Leather Wristcuff with Metal & Rhinestone Cross: $7.99 each

If crosses aren't your thing, we also have jewelry that display the infinity symbol. 

The Infinity symbol "...signify no limitations and never ending possibilities. The infinity tattoo design signifies there being no boundaries. Everything is infinite. Think about the idea of never ending possibilities and apply it to your life. Every moment we live is filled with decisions and each decision has infinite endings. This symbol represents the universe and all of its possibilities. It represents parallel universes and realities. With infinite realities, universes and possibilities, anything and everything can be possible. With infinite possibilities provided to us each and every moment of our being, we have the choice to be anything and anyone we want. Infinity tattoo designs are meaningful because it is hard for us to wrap our heads around the concept and it is great for deep thinkers."*

The infinity symbol has come back into style in a multitude of ways. Many prefer them as tattoos, but if you would like something less literal for you infinity symbol then try one of our bracelets.

All the above pictures bracelets are available for sale in store for $4.99 each

What are some other meaningful symbols you like to rock on your accessories? Let us know and maybe you'll see them in our store in the future! @JinseBoutique

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